5 Ways to build a Social Media Branding Strategy from Scratch

Social media gives you the best opportunity to reach out to your customers or target audience and build your brand.

Most business wants to build their brand on Social Medias, but they don’t know how. Building your brand on social Media takes lots of work as there are lots and lots of completion on all social Medias. But with these five steps, you would be way ahead of your competitors creating a name for your business.

  1. Choose the correct networks. Most times you try all your best on social media, and you are not gaining any traction. It might not be your fault. There are so many social Medias, knowing the one that would fit your business is what matters. For example, if your company is a brick manufacturer, then Tumblr is not the best for you. Tumblr’s primary demographic is linked to teenagers and people in their early twenties. A better social media would be LinkedIn since it connects business people around the world.
    1. Don’t waste your bio/profile. Your profile or bio is the first thing your customer would see, so make sure it is not wasted. Most brands make the mistake of allowing their bio or profile fall into waste in different social media platforms. You should take your bio seriously

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  1. Don’t sideline visual branding. You don’t want your company’s profile in each social media to look like they are owned by different companies. Learn how to build a brand that is uniform (it should be the same in all social medias); this would help people recognize your company even without seeing the name.
  1. Decide on the type of content you will share on different social media platforms. If you post the same content on all your social media, it will make it look somehow, and you won’t receive good responses from your audience as expected (every social media has its native functionalities). Take for instance, SnapChat gives you the chance to post raw, behind-the-scenes pictures, Instagram allows you post beautiful photos and videos, Twitter lets you tweet messages within 140 characters and Facebook allows you to post long notes, pictures, and even videos. So knowing this, you would be able to know what to post on different social media that would be engaging, value-adding and also very relevant to your audience.
  1. Be consistent. Consistency is the key to having people trust your brand. The more you post, the more people trust you. Posting once in a while won’t get you to where you want post more often. Always note that you must post in accordance to your niche.

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