E commerce marketing and Influencers

E commerce marketing

Businesses today are basing themselves more on their marketing side of the firm as compared to the other functions

The sole reason being that today products that are marketed well are the ones that have the highest sales. The increased presence of the social media has made it sort of compulsory for businesses to include them as major platforms to be successful.

A prevalent way to bring traffic to the site and increase e-commerce conversions is to have video tutorials on your website and social pages. These videos are usually spearheaded by people called Influencers. Influencers are social media celebrities, and they are something very like celebrity endorsements. The ads today need additional action from the Influencers actually to have an impact on the consumers.

The reason that these influencers are successful in marketing the products is they do the marketing through word of mouth. Word of mouth is considered as one of the most efficient ways of marketing a product. The word of mouth marketing entails one on one reviews to probable customers, and this convinces them about the purchase. When the likely consumers get to hear about the product directly from the person who has used the product they consider it authentic. The authenticity brings in many users and makes the product a hit. However, if you want conversion to be successdul, you must have the best ecommerce website, where your customers will feel safe to buy your products. We recommend Shopify, because it is an easy to use and known platform where you can create your website.

Why influencers today have huge impacts?

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